Looking for a chance to dance? We can help……..

We hire wireless and battery powered silent disco kits for your group holidays and gatherings so you can play your own kind of music and bust a move wherever you go. No need anymore for baby sitters, trekking into town, complaining about the DJ’s choices, pricey drinks and taxis.
We are a small company aiming to help your small gathering go with a swing. We’ll be adding more kits as demand develops. You don’t need to plug any of our kit into the mains.
Currently hand delivering to Brighton, contact us for a quote for your party or holiday.
Silent discos aren’t just for festivals or big wedding parties. We started this business following a wonderful weekend camping with a few friends and a box of headphones. We want you to have the same chance to dance!
We’ll be adding all the formal stuff like T&Cs, instructions etc as soon as we can. We just got a bit excited and have made a start as the kit is here and ready to go!
This website is a work in progress!  For now please go to our Facebook page at fb.me/hushbeatsdisco